Sands Township, Michigan Treasurer’s News

All unpaid 2015 property taxes have been turned over to the Marquette County Treasurer’s Office.  For current balances, including penalties and interest, please contact their office at (906)225-8425.

The 2016 Summer property tax statements were mailed the end of June, and 2016 Winter property tax statements will be mailed the end of November. If you did not receive a bill, please contact the office.

I continue to update addresses in Sands Township. If you have an address change and your tax statement does not reflect this, please call the Sands Township Office so we can update our records.

If your taxes are paid by a mortgage escrow and you receive your tax bill, it is your responsibility to forward your tax statement to them.  We do everything in our office to assure you or your mortgage company receives a tax statement.

“Where do my tax dollars go?”

I am often asked this and the answer is:

Properties that are taxed at the 100% PRE (Principal Residence Exemption) rate, Sands Township receives 33% of the tax dollars which goes to the following: Fire, Ambulance, Roads, Parks/Recreation, Sanitation, and Peter White Library. Marquette County receives 32%, MARESA 8%, State Education 25%, School debt/bond 2%, School operation 0%.

Properties taxed at the 0% PRE rate, Sands Township receives 19% for the previous listed funds. Marquette County receives 18%, MARESA 5%, State Education 14%, School debt/bond 1%, School Operating 43%.

Treasurer – Cheryl Schram