Sands Township, Michigan Dog License Information.

The State of Michigan requires all residents that have a dog four or more months old, to have a license.  A license may be purchased at the Marquette County Treasurer’s Office in Marquette. They are also available at some veterinary clinics.

The  Sands Township, Michigan Office does not sell dog licenses.Toula, Border collie

The Sands Township Board recently updated the Dog Ordinance, which is available for review in the office.  If you have a dog complaint you can call the office at 249-9169.  As a reminder, pet owners are responsible for cleaning up and disposing of all waste left on property other than their own.  Dogs must be leashed and are not allowed to run free unless on your property.  Loud, frequent, or persistent barking is not allowed.

If you have a dog problem that needs immediate action after office hours or threatens the safety of any individual, call 9-1-1 or Central Dispatch at 475-9912.