Garbage Collection Information for Sands Township, Michigan

Monday & Tuesday are normal pick up days. Please have garbage out by 5 am. Items too large to put in the truck will not be picked up.  Bags weighing more than 30 pounds will not be picked up.

Cans that are cracked or broken make it very difficult to remove garbage from them.  If our garbage crew determines your garbage can is not acceptable to be used for garbage anymore, they will put a tag on it.  They will not pick up any garbage from cans that have been tagged.  Please help them out and replace broken garbage cans.  Garbage does not need to be in a can to be picked up, although we do recommend using cans to keep animals and birds out of the garbage.  Please do not use barrels for garbage.

Please do not place electronics for curbside pickup.  This includes televisions and computer monitors.  Local recycling options are limited, but please call the office at 249-9169 for more information on electronic recycling or disposal.

Do not throw oil in the garbage.  This not only creates a huge mess, but is an environmental concern.  There are several free Hazardous Waste Collection dates where oil and other hazardous materials can be disposed of safely and properly.

There is no garbage collection on holidays. If Monday is a holiday, pick up is on Tuesday and Tuesday’s collection will be on Wednesday.

2017 Garbage Holidays:

Labor Day (September 4) – Pickup September 5 & 6

December 25 – Pickup December 26 & 27

January 1, 2018 – Pickup January 2 & 3, 2018